A Project Definition – A Few Ideas To Think About

Why would you want to recognize a project? That is, what is it regarding a project that offers some gain? When you have one, the usage of project management procedures create advantages in producing something for the correct cost, at the right quality and on time.

This alone reduces worry and frees useful time for other tasks.

So, in its simplest terms how do you recognize a project? The solution is fairly straightforward, in that virtually anything you do could be taken as a project, from minute tasks to large construction activities. Provided a goal, or desire for something exists, it could be thought of as a project of sorts.

Any project could be dissected into smaller steps; it is merely the quantity and sophistication of these steps that determine the size of the project. For instance, if you wish to construct a boat people would readily view this as a project. However, if you wanted to pick up a book from a table it still needs thinking about and certain steps. The latter case may call for putting on shoes, rising, evading furniture, stretching out an arm etc all of these are steps, even though very small.

Attributes of a project:

Numerous projects display certain aspects that make them more immediately identifiable. A few of those attributes are offered here but might not be absolutely unique.

It results in change: –

All projects produce some type of difference, from what you have at the beginning to what you have at completion.

Start and finish: –

They will start at some point and end at another. Between the two is the main project management tasks.

There is a key target: –

The project ought to have an objective. This must be determined precisely for successful project management.

Handing over the product: –

Something is eventually released to the customer. Testing, feedback and potential adjustments are common before attaining customer satisfaction.

Normally makes a unique object: –

If a product could be obtained simply by entering a store, or by an additional direct means, then this is not a project.

Responsibility: –

There can’t be two individuals managing the project. One person will have overall responsibility.

Time, costs and resources: –

Every project will require a certain amount of time, incur specific costs and make use of various resources before its completion. Overseeing all of these is a key area of project management.

Additional: –

There are numerous additional areas that are typical to projects, for instance analyzing risks, health and safety, monitoring and control measures, along with the review of outside items, including legal and regulatory requirements. I’m sure others features may spring to mind.

The above usually constitute a typical project.

About tedczt

Ted Boynton (BSc Hons., NEBOSH) is the General Manager of Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd., a company based in industrial Teesside UK, which is a popular provider of quality lockout tagout equipment to UK and world markets. Go now to http://www.lockout-tagout.co.uk or call 01642 244017 for further news and LOTO tips including expert advice on choosing padlocks for industrial safety programmes, or to browse our full range of safety products.
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