Important Tips About Teaching Yoga Sessions

If you have finally passed your exams and have been certified to teach a yoga class, you are about to begin a very rewarding career. Teaching people this amazing method of exercise and meditation is a very important responsibility. While you are undoubtedly excited to get your teaching career started, there are some basic things that you will need to keep in mind. The following tips will help you to be a more effective teacher. They will also allow your students to get the largest possible benefit from your class. Let’s take a look at some important tips about teaching yoga sessions:

1. Communicate outside the classroom

As every teacher knows, yoga is not just a way to stay in shape. It must be treated as a lifestyle if a person is very serious about benefitting from your class. Therefore, it is important to set up a way for your students to be able to communicate with you in the days between classes. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give out your personal phone number. You can provide them with an email address that you set up specifically to receive questions from your students. You could also write a blog that you can update with all of the things you taught in your most recent class. Students can leave questions on the blog that you can answer. A more personal method of communication would be via webcam on a service such as Skype. You can set up a specific time each week where your students can contact you on webcam. This will allow you to demonstrate how to perform poses that your students are having problems with.

2. Social media

If you are just beginning your career as a teacher, you need to let people know you exist. Therefore, it is up to you to promote yourself and get the word out to the public about your class and your teaching abilities. We are living in the age of social media. Facebook and Twitter have proven to be tremendously valuable tools when it comes to promoting a new business to a large audience. You must take social media seriously. If people respond to your posts, make sure you reply back and give these people more information about the types of yoga you teach and what they can expect if they attend your classes.

3. Keep a flexible lesson plan

When it comes to teaching your class, nothing should be set in stone. You need to remember that your students will be different ages. Because of this, they will also have different levels of physical fitness. This will cause some of them to take longer to master various poses. Your top priority as a teacher is to make sure all of the students who are paying for your services receive the highest level of instruction you can provide. If you rush through the lessons just so you can stick to a scheduled lesson plan, you are not helping your students learn in an effective manner. If you see that some of your students are taking longer to get the hang of certain movements or poses, spend more time with them in the following class. Also, do not be afraid to divide your class into two groups. One group can be made up of advanced students and the other can be the slower students who need more time to learn.

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